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AAMS Aerophilatelic Research Award

 Awarded for major achievements in aerophilatelic research.

 Criteria and Eligibility

        A major award for outstanding aerophilatelic research. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in aerophilatelic research that serving as definitive or foundation works in aerophilately. Recognized research may be either original research bringing significant new facts or conclusions to light or secondary research bringing multiple resources together into comprehensive works of significant importance to aerophilatelists, as evidenced by articles, monographs, books, catalogues or other publications and exhibits.
        The award is international in scope and is not restricted to members of AAMS.

2006 None
2007 Ernst Cohn
2010 Joe Kirker
2011 Robert J. Wilcsek
2012 Cheryl Ganz, Ph.D.
2013 Fiorenzo Longhi-Italy
2014 David Lu-China

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